5 Star Tips to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

5 Star Tips to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

5 Star Tips to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Great hair begins with conscious efforts and you have taken the right first step by reading this! Welcome to Ebony’s beauty hair and skin care, we have handpicked proven star tips that will make your hair grow long and healthy.


Do not buy the lie that you cannot grow long black hair, try these tips and you will see this myth busted.

Let’s dive straight into business!


  1. Braid your Hair Often

When you do this, less damage will be done to your hair as a result of the reduced exposure of your hair. There are numerous variations of braids available, including box braids and Marley braids, among others. Regardless of the design you decide to go with, you need to make sure that the knots are not too tight on your natural hair to avoid breakage.

  1. Use Quality Hair Growth Products  

If you use products that are of high quality, especially ones that originate from natural sources, and have been put through rigorous testing, like our natural products, you may stop further hair loss, develop new hair strands, and keep your hair silky, strong, and smooth.

We are sure that our products deliver on their promises, they are tested, trusted and are designed for all hair types 




  1. Deep Condition your Hair

Your hair may get more brittle if you use a basic conditioner on it frequently.

When your hair is still damp, you should apply a deep conditioning treatment to it. Before beginning to condition your hair, it is recommended that you first divide it into portions or segments. You might keep the deep conditioner on for anything from five minutes to half an hour, depending on how long your hair need.


Only if your hair has been permanently damaged as a result of styling is it recommended that you leave it in for the entire night. If you follow its instructions, you'll experience rapid growth of your dark hair

well, we have the perfect deep conditioner that you need!


  1. Avoid Heat

The use of a blow dryer puts your hair at risk of becoming damaged.  It is not recommended that you use it on a daily basis; nevertheless, it is acceptable if you wish to use it once or twice every month, if you must use it, use a heat protectant 

To keep your hair in good health and guarantee that it regrows at a normal rate, you should avoid blowout hairstyles as much as possible.


  1. Use essential Oils

This is the last item on our 5-star list It is recommended that you give your black hair an oil treatment every now and then. Hempseed oil is one of the most effective solutions for accelerating the rate at which hair grows. Avocado and argan oils are two additional popular choices for promoting the growth of black hair.


  • Key Takeaway

If you follow these guidelines diligently, you won't even have to worry about experiencing hair loss.

If you have been trying to figure out how to speed up the growth of your black hair, you only need to consult our collection of natural and flexible hair products.

Cheers to a healthy and long hair!

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