Ebony's Beauty Hair and Skin Care is a natural health and beauty product company based in Louisiana. We are proud to be a women-owned business, offering safe and effective products for all hair types and sensitive skin.

Meet our founder, Ebony Beauty Roberts - a remarkable woman with a diverse background. As a mother of five, wife, and elementary school teacher, Ebony has always been passionate about helping others feel confident and beautiful through self-care.

Her fascination with beauty and self-care began at a young age, experimenting with various ingredients and becoming a self-taught beauty expert by the age of ten. Today, Ebony's passion has blossomed into a thriving business serving customers globally with a wide range of products that deliver exceptional results.

We believe Ebony Beauty Roberts is a shining example that with self-belief, anything is possible. Join us on our journey to natural beauty and experience the magic of Ebony's Beauty Hair and Skin Care.