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Rose Melody Relaxing Bath Soak| 4oz

Rose Melody Relaxing Bath Soak| 4oz

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Introducing the Rose Melody Relaxing Bath Soak, a perfect solution to escape everyday stresses. This 4oz bath soak is a unique blend of essential oils, Epsom and Himalayan salts that promote relaxation and well-being. The aromatic blend offers a soothing aromatherapy experience, making your bath time a restorative soak.

Using this product is simple. When you're ready for a bath, sprinkle the mixture into a warm bath, stirring to dissolve. Immerse yourself in the soothing rose-scented water for around 20-30 minutes. Afterward, rinse and moisturize for ultimate relaxation and skin nourishment.

The ingredients of this bath soak include Epsom salt, dried rose petals or rose essential oil, optional dried herbs (like chamomile), and optional natural food coloring. These natural ingredients ensure a safe and relaxing bath experience.

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