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Herbal Rice Water Treatment

Herbal Rice Water Treatment

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Rice Water Treatment is enriched with antioxidants and essential nutrients, including Vitamin E, providing nourishment to hair and encouraging healthy growth.

Advantages of Rice Water for Hair:

Helps in detangling hair.
Smoothens the hair cuticle.
Enhances hair shine.
Promotes stronger, longer hair.
How to Use:

Vigorously shake the bottle before use.
After washing your hair, spray the rice water evenly.
Gently massage into your scalp.
Cover your hair with a cap for 10 minutes.
Thoroughly rinse off the rice water from your hair and scalp.
Proceed with your usual hair styling routine.
For optimal results, apply twice a month. This frequency helps to avoid protein build-up in your hair.




 Ingredients: Organic fermented rice water, Peppermint oil, organic fenugreek, organic marshmallow root, organic hemp seed oil, organic burdock root, organic amla, babassu oil, cloves, sunflower, organic shikakai, and Optiphen.

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